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I was Communications and Engagement Lead for the Learning Innovation Hub 2017 - 2018 and Teche Editor during that time.

Susan Vickery

A Day In The Life Of Susan Vickery,
Associate University Librarian

Get to know Susan Vickery, Associate University Librarian - how she loves connecting, her hugely diverse workload and how she likes to wind down.

/ 19 April, 2018
pair of headphones

3 Cool Articles by Echo360’s Learning Technologist

Alison Maloney, Echo360's Learning Technologist, has written some interesting articles about research on lecture capture, development of digital literacy and the power of video as a tool for learning.

/ 19 April, 2018
Nicole Saunders and Kira Westaway

The Hum, Humans of Macquarie

Strolling around campus we bumped into Nicole Saunders and Kira Westaway and chatted about passionate students, the buzz around MAZE, using props in teaching and how the 'doing' always leads to deeper learning.

/ 12 April, 2018
Green Screen Recording in LIH Studio - Photo by Mike Catabay for LIH

Polished and Professional –
Make Use Of MQ’s Recording Studios

Take a 360° tour of 3 purpose built recording studios and spaces to help create educational media, desktop capture recordings and more.

/ 11 April, 2018
By Mike Catabay for LIH

My Study Story: Amelia Vella

I wanted to hear from a student about their experience, how they feel they're progressing in their study, of uni in general, what motivates and helps them and what, if anything, holds them back. So I asked my cousin, Amelia,...

/ 29 March, 2018
Composite photo of Julie, Tasnim, Laura, Erin

The Hum, Women of Macquarie

This International Women's Day, we randomly asked 4 women what it means to be a women in 2018. Photography by Michael Garganera.

/ 8 March, 2018
a calendar with scheduled messages and emojis

Messaging Students In iLearn

A recent student focus group helped us refine the potential of sending messages to students through iLearn.

/ 28 February, 2018

The HUM – O-Week Student Edition

This week we chatted to students about how they're embracing O-week.

/ 22 February, 2018
Child at the bottom of steps - Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash

What Is Innovation Anyway?

An exploration of the ubiquitous concept of innovation, trying to understand why the word can be confusing, misleading and misunderstood.

/ 18 January, 2018