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Michael has been a Senior Learning Designer at Macquarie for several years working in, around and between many faculties and is now permanently placed in the faculty of Arts. With a career focus on graphic design, video, photography and 3D media, he is a technologist, an innovator, and recently an entrepreneur. He developed the Pedestal 3D platform and commercialised it as a start up company through the Incubator. His current research is focussed on object based learning, 3D digitisation for learning and ways VR can intersect with learning.

The VR Underground

The story of creating VR versions of Caves in China. Also, Portable VR rigs delivered from the Reality Embedded In Motion (REIM) project are now available.

/ 25 June, 2019

Video based assessment in non-media subjects

Video based assessment is being used in a variety of ways across Macquarie. Check out the summary of this presentation from the Festival of Assessment on the topic.

/ 2 May, 2019

3D Digital Heritage Capture: Macquarie Lightstation 200 years

On 30 November 2018, 200 years to the day of the first Macquarie lighthouse being lit, we launched a digital heritage resource at a civic event next to the lighthouse as well as on our website and the Trust’s website so...

/ 11 December, 2018