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Prashan Karunaratne is an inspirational and innovative teacher of economics and business analytics. His enthusiasm for teaching and passion for improving student outcomes have inspired and engaged tens of thousands of students for more than a decade. He successfully utilises large lecture theatres and MOOCs as a crucible to develop a culture of active learning that nurtures students to develop a desire to engage. He inspires students to want to learn – by emphasising the ‘why’, and he equips students – by focusing on the ‘how’. The experiences and #EveryoneSayWow moments that Prashan creates in his classrooms and beyond, are those that students will remember in the years to come. He recently received a Citation for an Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning at the 2019 Australian Awards for University Teaching: "For excellence in engaging, equipping and empowering students and lecturers to achieve transformative and equitable outcomes in Economics and Excel – in classrooms, boardrooms and beyond."

What the flipped is SBATPLEZ?

This capstone unit had 4 modes of offering in S2. How did this work and what did the students think?

/ 25 November, 2020

Visualiser: The Hidden Gem in the Classroom

10 reasons why you should use the visualiser in F2F teaching - by Leeanne Mendonca De Mello and ...

/ 14 July, 2020

Making a video series for students (by staff!)

A reflection about the development of a video series created to engage students in a new study mode.

/ 29 May, 2020