The look and feel of iLearn was recently refreshed. Not wanting to be outdone, Echo360 has undergone its own non-extreme makeover. The next time you view your unit’s Echo360 page, you’ll notice some new colours and icons.

Here is a guide to the changes:


For Students, raspberry-pink icons indicate you have NOT yet entered this class or viewed this media.

The left Media button icon is for video/audio media. The right Presentation screen icon is for presentations/slides.

For Students, black icons indicate you have previously entered this class to view the media.

For Convenors, the content icons are black (see top icons) when the content is available to students. Content that is unavailable to students (due to it being a future recording or being set to be unavailable by the convenor) appears as a solid icon (see bottom icons).

The box with the raspberry-pink lightning bolt indicates interactive media. This is media that has polling questions embedded into it. These questions will appear during viewing and require you to respond in order to continue viewing the video. As with the other media icons, raspberry indicates to students that you have NOT entered this class to view the media; black indicates you have entered the class.

For Instructors, a black media icon can also indicate a placeholder for an upcoming scheduled recording. Since the scheduled recording needs to have this spot to put the completed recording, you cannot use this slot for any other video.

A raspberry-pink plus icon allows you to add media to this class. When shown WITH a media icon, the plus enables you to add a presentation to the class, to accompany the live stream and future recording. If shown alone for a class, you can add a video, a presentation, or a piece of interactive media.

The LIVE badge indicates that this class is, or will be, streamed live for viewing in real time.
If the badge is raspberry, that means the class is happening RIGHT NOW, and if you enter the classroom, you can view the live stream.
*The grey badge for a future class that is scheduled to be streamed live has not changed.

If you have any questions about these changes or Echo360 in general, please contact us at

Acknowledgements: Banner image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay.

Posted by David Morgan