Dr Joel Fuller’s student-centred approach to teaching ensures his charges are equipped to succeed in an ever-changing clinical landscape.   

For the past 4 years, Joel has convened, lectured, and tutored first-year masters-level “fundamentals” to aspiring physiotherapists. These fundamentals include clinical diagnostic reasoning and person-centred communication; integral skills for the safe and effective physiotherapists we aspire our graduates to become. 

Joel’s teaching philosophy centres on the key goal of making complex clinical reasoning accessible to students so they are equipped to succeed in an everchanging clinical landscape. Joel scaffolds and guides students’ clinical reasoning development by creating a respectful and safe environment, encouraging them to adopt a growth mindset, and supporting the cultivation of their expertise through ongoing practical application. 

I feel privileged to be a grounded presence for my students – guiding, supporting, inspiring, and motivating them to develop the foundational skills necessary to excel on second year clinical placement and in their future careers.

His mirroring of real-world scenarios helps students develop realistic expectations of health disorders, and ongoing assessments build confidence in clinical performance – “de-threatening the prospects of being examined in a clinical environment.”

Joel has designed clinical assessments ensuring they are an effective and accurate representation of the clinical performance expectations placed on students by our clinical placement partners. He has an excellent ability to identify strategies for incorporating external, clinical feedback into his assessment design so that students have meaningful assessment.” Rebecca Vaughan, Clinical Education Manager

Joel’s success is reflected in consistently positive student feedback, including 2017–2020 Learner Experience of Teaching and Unit results showing 92–94 per cent of first-year students believed his teaching motivated, supported and inspired.

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