As a member of our teaching staff, you are responsible for ensuring and promoting academic integrity within your Unit. As soon as you suspect a breach, you should report it. 

Staff and students are expected to uphold ethical standards in all areas of academic activities. To facilitate this expectation, the Academic Integrity Policy was revised, and a new Academic Integrity Breach Procedure was introduced, in February this year. These policy and procedure updates followed on from the successful launch of the new Feedback, Complaints and Misconduct online reporting tool.

The role the Unit Convenor plays regarding the reporting of academic integrity breaches has changed in the new procedure. You may want to view the In-Class Guide to Academic Integrity Breaches, and the Unit Convenor’s Guide to Academic Integrity Breaches to see what those updates are.

Hints for reporting via the Feedback, Complaints and Misconduct online tool

When completing the online form, you’ll be asked to provide any evidence you have, which will depend on the type of breach that is suspected. This may include:

  • assessment instructions;
  • the original assessment item;
  • Turnitin report or;
  • for cases of suspected collusion, the other student’s assessment item. 

To check out what type of evidence you will need to submit, see the ‘Evidencing an Academic Integrity breach Investigation section’ on the Complaints, Appeals, and Misconduct Unit Wiki Page.

To prevent any delays in the investigation process, you can help by: 

  • submitting more information rather than less; 
  • asserting your understanding of what has occurred;
  • familiarising yourself with what constitutes an academic integrity breach, and;
  • getting the ‘alleged breach’ type right (i.e. plagiarism, collusion, etc.). 

Seen your material on a third party website?

If you’ve identified a contract cheating website containing Macquarie University material (i.e. course handbooks, Unit materials, assignments and exam papers) Report it! You can report it via the Feedback, Complaints and Misconduct Reporting online form by selecting ‘Reporting an Academic Cheating Service’. 

Academic Integrity Resources

Further information

Please contact with any further questions.

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