In this first-ever BLT podcast episode, I talk to Arda Tezcan, Learning Innovation Manager within the PVC L&T portfolio, about the importance of e-portfolios for students when it comes to development, reflection and employability. Arda also talks about Portfolium, Macquarie University’s e-portfolio platform that is now available for MQ students and MQ staff (free, life-time access).

BLT Podcast: Episode 1 (30 mins)

Guest: Arda Tezcan

Learning Innovation Manager

Arda works to develop best practice program-based approaches and provides strategic advice for innovative learning technologies and digital learning tools in the Higher Ed domain. His current focus is on University-wide implementation of ePortfolios (both for pedagogical and employability aspects using Portfolium) and microcredentials at Macquarie University.

Wait, hold on, just what is BLT?

Fidel Fernando on the what and why of BLT (2 mins 21 secs)

BLT or Bite Size-Learning Technology is an initiative that I came up with early this year, as a way to both up-skill in audio production as well as meet some of the ever-increasing need for more resources around our learning technologies. A BLT is more colloquially known as a ‘bacon, lettuce and tomato’ sandwich, a meal that can be prepared in 15 minutes or less – and is my inspiration for creating learning resources that are easy, quick, and that meet a real need!

Part of my motivation here is also to show that creating a podcast (or any audio recording for that matter) is an easy way to discuss a topic and engage students. Audio requires less time to produce than a video, can be recorded from anywhere (though ideally in a quiet environment), uses technology that many of us have (mobile phone, headsets with microphones) and can be edited (ums, ahs and mistakes can be deleted!). Another benefit is that an audio file is small enough to be emailed, uploaded and embedded in iLearn.

One more thing: it’s produced for the Macquarie University context, so it’s specific to the technologies used by our students and academic and professional staff. So, if you would like to be part of this initiative, or if you have any suggestions for podcast topics or improvements, please reach out!

(Bonus) Another BLT upskilling opportunity!

Since we have been at home for (at the time of writing) 8 weeks now, learning something new could spark a new hobby and/or development of a new skill!

Macquarie University offers Adobe software free to staff. For more information, visit this wiki link:


I used Adobe Audition to record and edit all the recordings for BLT episode 1. It is a great piece of software and is free for MQ staff to use. LinkedIn Learning has a nice intro course to help with getting up to speed with it!


In creating graphics for this initiative, I tried to upskill myself in using a vector art program (a program that uses mathematical formulas to create shapes, lines and curves). Adobe Illustrator, which has a somewhat high learning curve, could be a rewarding software to learn if you would like to create nice, crisp graphics. LinkedIn Learning has a set of basic Illustrator courses as well that will help immensely in trying to understand the principle and interface.

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I am a Learning Designer constantly curious about how to design and facilitate learning through the use of stories, art and technology. I am also inexplicably fond of ferrets.

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