Month: May 2021

Examiners: Submitting an ‘online exam’ to exams office

What examiners need to do in order to submit an 'online exam' to exams office.

/ 17 May, 2021
darts and a target

Online exam cheating or just confusion?

Academic integrity is complex, doubly so for online exams. Being clear to students about the exam rules will help everyone.

/ 17 May, 2021

Peer-nominations are now open

Nominate a peer for a Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching Award!

/ 17 May, 2021

Meet the team: Learning Enhancement

Meet the Team is a series of articles to introduce the teams of the learning and teaching portfolio following the recent organisational restructure. This week we meet the Learning Enhancement team.

/ 14 May, 2021

Making economic principles pop with cultural references

Embedding pop culture references and viral trends into your unit can enhance students' understanding of key concepts. Paul Crosby and Dylan Thompson highlight some examples from Principles of Economics 1.

/ 13 May, 2021

Over a cuppa: prompts to reflect on learning and teaching #11 – Questioning

Reflection treats teaching as an experimental learning process.

/ 13 May, 2021

National teaching awards: now open

The Australian Awards for University Teaching are now open and will close 17 September 2021.

/ 12 May, 2021

Prepare your students for an online exam!

A free workshop for students on exam preparation.

/ 7 May, 2021