The Learning and Teaching Podcast Discussion Club is like a book club… but with podcasts!

Instead of reading a book, you’ll listen (in your own time) to a podcast – or more specifically, a specially selected episode of a podcast that has something to do with university learning and teaching. Then you’ll join us for a one hour Zoom session where we’ll discuss the ideas and issues raised in the episode.

We will have discussion questions for each session which we will send out to you beforehand to prompt (and provoke) your thinking and discussing.

Our next session will be on Wednesday, 3rd March, 2021 at 12 noon via Zoom.

This 19-minute podcast from Deakin University  reminds us that ‘data is new oil’ but that the REAL value of oil (read: data) comes from refinement (read: analysis), not extraction. In the age of the abundance of data, what are some of the practical uses of data analytics for teaching academics?  Among other ideas, the presenter suggests that data can serve as evidence for our recommendations to students, e.g., past students who did activities X and Y by week 4 tended to get higher results in this unit, etc.; and that data can help us identify and remove roadblocks for students.  

Whether you’ve listened to this podcast episode OR NOT, come along to chat about your experience with using data to improve student learning, and some practical ways to use Learning Analytics here at MQ . Our resident Learning Analytics ‘guru’ Shamim Joarder will join the discussion should you have any questions about iLearn Insights (a MQ learning analytics tool).  

For more information on how to sign up, visit our Teche Events page.

Posted by Fidel Fernando

I am a Learning Designer constantly curious about how to design and facilitate learning through the use of stories, art and technology. I am also inexplicably fond of ferrets.

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