Do you have a first-year, second, or even third-year student in your course who is showing leadership qualities or has the potential to shine and grow with the right encouragement and inspiration? Let them know about the Global Leadership Program (GLP), which may either align with some of the themes within their degree, or provide a channel to participate in new areas of interest. They may even receive credit for extra-curricular activities already completed!

While the university edges back into a semblance of normality and we see the return of staff and students to campus, many once enthusiastic students may be feeling socially disassociated or uninspired. What better way to stimulate the mind, and remain connected, than exploring what the world has to offer through the Global Leadership Program?

So what is the GLP?

We encourage teachers to recommend the Program to students they think might enjoy being part of the GLP community and would benefit from enhancing their soft skills like public speaking, networking, and leadership capabilities.

For those unfamiliar with GLP, it is a multi-award-winning flagship program offered by Macquarie University to students who want to be further engaged with, and learning more about, pressing issues facing our world today. Students who want to get more out of being a Macquarie student beyond simply their academic degree, are given an opportunity to undertake a rigorous co-curricular program of workshops, events and experiential learning, designed to build their awareness of global issues, cross-cultural competencies, leadership capability and sense of global citizenship.

Many students often hear about the GLP during Orientation Week, progressing through the Program for the duration of their studies. However, some students may not learn about the Program until their second or even third year of study! For this reason, we encourage teachers to recommend the Program to students they think might enjoy being part of the GLP community and would benefit from enhancing their soft skills like public speaking, networking, and leadership capabilities.

Unfortunately, we often hear that some students don’t find out about the GLP until too late in their degree for the to complete the Program; so any effort to inform them early is greatly appreciated. Past and current GLP students have consistently expressed that they find a sense of community and belonging to Macquarie through participation in the Program, in addition to an increased sense of confidence and understanding about topical global issues, assisting them with their career trajectory.

The Program is fully funded by the University and open to all students from every discipline, with distinct programs for postgraduate, undergraduate, and exchange/study abroad students. There are no entry requirements and it is free for students to participate.

Canberra Symposium- Briefing at the EU Delegation for Australia

What does it involve?

GLP students gain unmatched access to the knowledge and insights of distinguished academics from Macquarie and beyond. For example, diplomats, external consultants, NGOs, researchers and practitioners convene and facilitate workshops on pertinent global issues, discussing and debating such topics as geopolitics, climate change and sustainability, gender and Indigenous rights, global business, food security, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to name just a few.  

In addition to the workshops, students also complete a range of extra-curricular activities that are claimed for ‘Experiential GLP Points’, these could include internships, volunteering, attending conferences, mentoring, learning a language, competitions like hackathons and moots, or going on study tours/exchange.

Testimonial from Dale Sheppard, Final Year – Bachelor of Business Leadership and Commerce

Dale Sheppard

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) has provided me significant opportunities; a core way for me to make friends and develop my social skills whilst expanding my worldly knowledge. In my first year, I felt slightly distant from the university community because I was not overly social, the GLP radically changed this. GLP activities provided brilliant opportunities to meet likeminded people in a social or collaborative setting. I feel part of the Macquarie community through the GLP, a far more fulfilling university experience thus far.

I have broadened my horizons through various GLP activities like Colloquia (workshops) on a variety of topics. I have partaken in Colloquia like exploring China’s culture and place in the world, “effective altruism”; undertaking the most effective social work, and public speaking. These topics are applicable to my personal interests and prospective career in marketing, but not necessarily covered directly within my degree, granting confidence in my knowledge.

What do students get if they complete the Program?

Upon completion of the Program, students receive a transcript of all the workshops they attended, the experiential activities undertaken, a certificate of completion, and a letter of reference from the GLP. It is also noted on their MQ academic transcript, and their Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Beyond the tangible, students leave the program feeling more confident to enter the complex post-uni world, as they have cultivated a variety of skills that have prepared them to shine as adaptive, innovative and culturally intelligent citizens. Those who can boldly pivot and shift, handling whatever the world throws at them.

Check out our GLP student blog to learn more from our current and former students on how the GLP has enriched their uni life!

Briefing with UNDP in Beijing during China Symposium

Find out more

If you haven’t discussed the GLP with your students before, or would like to know more about it, we have faculty specific advisors who are happy to meet with academic and professional staff across all departments to explain the program in more detail, and why students should get involved. You can direct your student to get in touch with the GLP team by emailing, or to visit our website for more information.

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