(Co-authored with Alison Hayward, LIH Training Resource Developer)

The iLearn Drop-in clinic has been revised this year by going fully online on Zoom and has been met with great success.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the staff of the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) and the Faculty Learning Designers, the iLearn drop-in clinic was able to service more Macquarie University academics this time around (141) compared to last session (123) over three weeks – even if the clinic times have changed to 2 hours (previously 3). Using Zoom’s breakout rooms function and a dedicated concierge made it more efficient to queue up support.

To recap the iLearn Drop-in clinic, here are the most common queries that have come up:

Does Turnitin clone over to my new unit?

Unfortunately, Turnitin assignments do not clone over to the next session, so these will have to be created manually again. This is a great chance to check if all the settings are correct (e.g. Originality report visibility, allowing re-submissions and due/post dates).

We have comprehensive guides for Turnitin and Feedback studio for more information.

Can you please check if my Gradebook is set up correctly.

We have comprehensive guides on how to check if your Gradebook is set correctly. As a rough guide, the first thing to determine is if all of the assessments have been created (e.g. Turnitin Assignments, Quizzes, Forums). These activities will automatically create Gradebook items for you. Once that is complete, it will be much easier to manipulate the categories and grade items in the Gradebook.

Since there are variations on how to manage the weightings, we have comprehensive guides on how to set up this up with our Gradebook quick guides.

Where can I get support for Zoom?

Have you entered your Zoom setting?  Watch this video to learn everything you need to know about starting a meeting or recording.  Please skip the section on Zoom plans and pricing (timestamp from 00:01:51 to 00:04:23). You will have access to a licensed Zoom account where you can hold online meetings with up to 300 participants with no time limitation. 

  • The polling feature for meetings allows you to create single choice or multiple-choice polling questions for your meetings. You will be able to launch the poll during your meeting and gather the responses from your attendees. 

More information can be found at: 

Macquarie’s Zoom Quick Guides page and Zoom Support Center page. The Central IT Service Desk can also assist with technical questions about Zoom.

We would love to hear your feedback! Please send over a comment of what you thought of this new iLearn Drop-in Clinic format.

For more information about iLearn, Turnitin, Echo360 and other Learning Technologies, do not hesitate to contact the iLearn team at iLearn.help@mq.edu.au.

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