Authentic Indigenous resources available through iLearn to support the Indigenous Connected Curriculum Framework.

What is the Indigenous Connected Curriculum Framework?

Macquarie University is committed to producing graduates who value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and knowledges and the importance of these in our nation’s history and future. 

The Indigenous Connected Curriculum Framework provides guidance on how to embed indigenous perspectives into the curriculum that align with learning outcomes. Indigenous Connected Curriculum should be embedded across all levels of units within a course from 1000 level and above and should have assessable learning outcomes to ensure adequate knowledges and understandings. 

Find Indigenous resources for your unit or course

The Connected Literacies iLearn unit is an online library of reusable, discipline-specific, learning and teaching resources that you can share and incorporate in your curriculum and iLearn spaces. The section on Indigenous Resources is being continually enhanced to support the ongoing embedding of Indigenous connected curriculum in courses and units across the university.  

The resources use Indigenous scholars to provide an authentic broad perspective on life through an indigenous lens, rather than through a western lens. They contribute to a greater understanding of the indigenous lifestyle by breaking down the grand narratives. 

  • 140 indigenous resources currently available
  • Divided into recommendations for Departments and Faculties 
  • Indigenous scholars 
  • Videos, documents, website pages, and contacts 
  • All downloadable, re-linkable or re-usable 
  • Items have been created or curated at MQ 

The Connected Literacies site provides a mechanism for staff to share great learning and teaching resources that they have developed which may be useful for others, as well as to enable staff to find resources they may want to include in their own iLearn unit.  

You can also find helpful resources for Career Literacies, Academic Literacies, Research Literacies, Sustainability and Big History. The iLearn site connects you to the resources located in Leganto.  

To access the resources

Follow this link (logging into iLearn), or on your iLearn home page, type Connecting Literacies into the Search bar. 

Further information and support…. 

Contact Joe Perry, Academic Director, Indigenous Learning and Teaching, for guidance and support with locating appropriate literature for embedding indigenous perspectives into the development of your unit or course. x 6794 

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Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching)

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