Associate Professor Matt Bower and Jodie Torrington from the School of Education recently released the 2020 Typology of Free Web-based Learning Technologies. The Typology provides educators with a list of 226 technologies arranged into 40 types and 15 clusters that can be used via a browser to promote more productive and interactive learning. Since its release it has become the second most downloaded resource on the Educause website.

The Typology aims to support educators worldwide in to make the most of online technologies in their teaching, which is particularly relevant in the age of COVID-19. The concept map of the various technology types helps educators conceptualise the sorts of tools at their disposal, while the brief product descriptions enables teachers to quickly determine the specific tools that may best suit their pedagogical needs.

The 2020 Typology constitutes a comprehensive update to the previously published 2015 Typology of Web 2.0 Learning Technologies, which was also based on a systematic search and categorical analysis. Analysing changes in tools during the last five years enables trends in the educational technology landscape to be discerned, and thus future developments to be anticipated.

The Typology can be downloaded from

There will also be a presentation, hosted by the Learning Technology Research Cluster, to provide an overview of the Typology and discuss pertinent issues relating to the use of free web-based learning technologies in the age of COVID-19; please see details below.

Topic: 2020 Typology of Free Web-based Learning Technologies

Presenter: A/Prof. Matt Bower

When: 11am Monday 22nd of June


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