Professor Cath Dean from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences presented on the development and implementation of the Macquarie Assessment Portfolio (MAP) for the Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD).  The MAP holds all formative and summative assessment data across the entire course. Student’s self-assessment data is also captured regularly in their portfolio. The dashboards created within the MAP use a traffic light system and provide clear evidence of the development of 8 Macquarie MD capability aspects and the entrustment of key professional activities required for practice of medicine.  The MAP allows students to monitor their progress and direct their future learning. The MAP data is examined as a hurdle assessment at the end of Stage 1 (mid-course) and prior to graduation, to assure satisfactory progress towards, and achievement of, course learning outcomes. The MAP system uses software which can be customised and potentially applied in other Macquarie courses. 

View and experience the Faculty Medicine and Health Sciences MAP tool 

View additional references on the Assessment Portfolio 

Watch Professor Cath Deans’ presentation below: 

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