As part of the continuing project to move to fully online student surveys, a new TEDS survey dashboard block has been released to iLearn during Session 2 2019. This update will improve staff and student access to online survey information. The block will inform students of the surveys they need to complete as well as display survey completion rates to unit convenors.

We have put together the following support resources to provide a quick summary of these changes that can be shared with staff and students as appropriate.

Staff Quick Reference Guide

Student Survey Presentation(for use in tutorial/lecture)

How will this impact students?

Students will now be able to see the number of current survey available to them as shown below:

Once a student clicks on the Evaluations block a detailed view of the surveys available for their units including the closing date and time for each survey will be displayed.

How will this impact staff?

For unit convenors, the Evaluation block in iLearn will give a clear indication of the current response rate for all open surveys as in the example below. Convenors can then use this information to determine the next steps to ensure the required completion rate is achieved. This could include scheduling time in the next tutorial for students to complete the survey.

Note: Convenors who teach across multiple departments

For unit Convenors who teach across multiple departments, or teaching staff who are not unit convenors, there is a data issue that will prevent the iLearn TEDS Evaluation block from providing survey information. These users will see the following error message.

If you are unable to view your survey completion information in iLearn you should go to this link:

or by clicking the personal survey dashboard link in iLearn as shown in the image below.

Once you have entered your MQ credentials you will be able to access your active surveys by clicking the link shown below as well the historical information on surveys you have run in previous sessions.

The active survey summary will display all the relevant information as shown below to give you a clear indication on the active survey response rates(this data updated daily)

Next Steps

These new developments will allow convenors greater transparency on the completion of their unit surveys, as well as make it easier for students to access and complete their surveys. This is the first part of a larger project to improve the student survey experience for staff and students. Keep an eye out for further updates as we continue to improve the survey process in the coming months.

To order surveys for Session 2 go to:

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