As adoption of video-based assessment grows, so too does the need for the platforms and tools that support it. Echo360 will be familiar to students watching lecture recordings, and it can also provide a means for the production and submission of video assignments. Using Echo360, students can either upload a video file exported from an editing program of their choosing or they can install Echo360’s Universal Capture application to create simple screen and/or webcam recordings.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to read Michael Rampe’s excellent article on video-based assessment, then consider the following workflow using the Echo360 Active Learning Platform.

Convenor – Setting up a video assignment

1. Setup an assignment in iLearn:

2. Ensure submission type is ‘online text’:

3. Instruct your students to upload their video assignments to Echo360 and paste in the video URL as the assignment submission. Student guides are available.

4. View, assess and provide feedback after submissions are received:

Student – Record and submit using the Echo360 Universal Capture application

1. Access Echo360 through your iLearn unit. Download and install Universal capture for Mac or PC:

2. Run Universal Capture and login. Select the desired inputs and start recording. The video is automatically uploaded as a draft once recording is stopped:

3. Access Echo360 through your iLearn unit. Find the draft recording on the ‘My Content’ page. Choose ‘Edit Media’ to review and perform basic editing on the video:

4. When you are ready to submit, choose ‘Share’. Select ‘Links’ and copy the video URL:

5. Paste the URL into the iLearn video assignment and submit:

Student – Submit by uploading a video file

1. Access Echo360 through your iLearn unit:

2. Choose “Upload”. Select your video file and wait for upload to complete:

3. On the ‘My Content’ page, find the uploaded video and from the option choose ‘Share’. Select ‘Links’ and copy the video URL:

4. Paste the URL into the iLearn video assignment and submit:

More information on using Echo360 for video assignments is available for staff and for students.

Please do get in touch with the Learning Technologies & Services team by logging a OneHelp or emailing us if you have any questions.

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