Macquarie’s HEA Fellowship program is now open for mid-year application.

Macquarie educators interested in having their professional practice in higher education teaching, learning support, and leadership formally recognised, can register to apply for HEA Fellowship.  

At Macquarie, HEA Fellowship application is open to all academics and to all professional teaching and learning support staff at all levels and career stages, including fixed-term, casual, and sessional staff. 

If you are interested in applying for HEA Fellowship in 2019, please register to attend a HEA Information session where you will be formally enrolled in the mid-year intake program. 

**Please note that application for HEA Fellowship at Macquarie requires attending one full day application writing workshop on either Thursday 1 or Friday 2 August 2019**.

More information on the Macquarie HEA Fellowship program here

HEAF information sessions 

DATE  TIME  WHERE  Registration  
Wed 29 May  2-3  29WW / 039  29 May 2019  
Thursday 6 June   1-2  11WW / 130  6 June 2019  
Thurs 13 June   3-4  12SW / 435  13 June 2019  
Wed 3 July   10-11  12SW / 301  3 July 2019  
Mon 15 July  12-1  11WW / 130  15 July 2019  

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