EDUCAUSE is a non-profit association that aims to advance higher education through information technology; it covers a wide variety of issues and themes important to higher education.   EDUCAUSE has members from over 2,300 organisations in 45 countries.

EDUCAUSE provides access to extensive resources and evidence-based research including articles and reports related to Student Success, Learning Environments, Digital Transformation and Instructional Design. 

The EDUCAUSE collaborative community, the Teaching and Learning Initiative (ELI), provides special initiatives, events and publications such as the 2018 NMC Horizon Report that identifies key technology trends, challenges, and developments likely to impact on learning, teaching and creative inquiry in higher education.

Macquarie University is an institutional member of EDUCAUSE through the Library, meaning all staff have access to EDUCAUSE resources including webinars and reports such as the 2018 Students and Technology Research Study To access the full range of EDUCAUSE resources simply set up a profile on the EDUCAUSE login page with your MQ email address and use EDUCAUSE to stay informed on issues and trends in Higher Education, build collaborative networks of peers and advance your knowledge and career.

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  1. I tried to creat an account but couldn’t get past the contact information page as it insisted that a state and postcode be provided for a US state even though Australia was the country entered.


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