If you have these questions, then TEDs has the answers for you!

The Teaching Evaluation for Development Services (TEDs) can help you administer surveys to you students to find out the answer these questions and more. Check out their website for more information.

Why evaluate you ask?

Evaluation of learning, teaching and curriculum is an integral component of the University’s quality enhancement framework and accountability obligations. According to the Academic Staff Agreement (2018) “43.2 All fixed term and continuing Staff will be required to undertake regular student evaluation of their teaching and the units they convene”.

What do you get out of it?

Student evaluation surveys can inform reflection on your teaching practice and curriculum and assessment development. Evaluation data can also provide evidence to support individual career progression, award applications and professional recognition.

There are two types of surveys you can order: Learner Experience of Teaching (LET) and Learner Experience of Unit (LEU). Check out the TEDs website for more information on these.

What do the students get out of doing the survey?

Instead of writing a Facebook post or sending memes, students can actually ‘feed forward’ their experience with the unit. This way their comments are listened to and the unit/teaching is improved for the next iteration of the unit. They are contributing to real change.

Where do I order?

Follow this link to the order site for student unit and teaching evaluation surveys.

When do I order?

Getting in early to order your surveys will save you time and hassle down the track when other priorities take over. TEDS requires 21 days’ notice to guarantee your survey delivery.

How do student access it?

In Session 2 this year all surveys are being transitioned to be administered online via iLearn and by student email. This session you can still order paper surveys if you want.

A block will appear in students’ iLearn homepage in Week 8 of this session for any online surveys ordered.
But additionally you can add the “Unit & Teaching Evaluation” block in your iLearn unit. A block will appear in students’ iLearn homepage in Week 8 for the survey.

What else should I do?

Place an announcement in your ilearn and let the students know in your lectures/tutorials to look out for the survey and how their feedback is important to their learning and for your teaching.

Got more questions?

If you still have any questions after you’ve read the notes, contact the the TEDs team FOR MORE INFORMATION: teds@mq.edu.au

Or if you have other questions, please contact your friendly Arts L&T team:

Posted by Gai Ramesh

Senior Learning Designer, Faculty of Arts

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