2018 was an exceptionally productive year for the Faculty dominated by the Curriculum Architecture Project. The Faculty Learning and Teaching team would like to thank everyone for their efforts throughout 2018.

With January now over, it is time to commit to our 2019 priorities and projects. The main project for 2019 will be Phase 2 of the Curriculum Architecture Project.

The Curriculum Architecture Project: Phase 2

The Curriculum Architecture Project will remain a priority throughout 2019 as we move towards the 2020 roll-out. There will be a great deal of work done centrally and through both ASQC and FSQC, but success is going to require significant input from all stakeholders across the Faculty. The Faculty is aiming to distribute the work through a more systematically and standardised approach to Peer Review (see below).

Other initiatives planned:

We also have a number of other initiatives planned. If you are interested in a particular project email the relevant contact person named below. If you have general feedback on the projects and priorities for 2019, please email Mitch.

  1. Research Enriched Teaching

The Departments have been successful in embedding research into the curriculum in a number of ways over the past few years, including via an impressive number of research internships. This year we want to be more systemic in our approach.

We are aiming to embed the Research-Enriched Teaching Framework across all departments; including:

  • Continuing to support research internships together with improved tracking of numbers offered;
  • Increased support for Teachers as Researchers through the promotion of a critically reflective approach to learning and teaching through curriculum development, moderation, peer review, student feedback, professional development and engagement with the scholarship of teaching; and,
  • Support for Researchers as Teachers through workshops and resources to promote incorporating current research into the curriculum (from generating to sharing data, to contributing analyses and interpretations)

What we want: We are looking for someone passionate about research from each Department to help drive this more systematic approach. One of our first tasks will be to prepare a paper for the Executive Dean to present to the Senior Executive Group on our approach (what have we done and what we are planning to do).

If you are interested please contact Mitch.  

2. The Peer Review of Teaching

Building on the successes of last year, this year we want to support Phase 2 of The Curriculum Architecture project though a more standardised peer review approach across Departments.

What we want: We are looking for a member from each Department to coordinate department level reviews and activities. We want people who are willing to contribute to the Peer Review iLearn unit and be the department contact and coordinator. We expect this to lead to a research output for those who are interested.

If you are interested please contact Agnes.

3. Student Partnership Project

Building on the pilot last year, we aim to roll out student unit representatives across the Faculty in 2019. The Dean is also keen to develop a Student-Staff Partnership Agreement that outlines what we expect of students and what they can expect of us.

What we want: We are looking for unit convenors who want to have student representatives in their units; as well as colleagues to join the working party to draft the Student-Staff Partnership Agreement.

If you are interested please contact Alex Thackray.

4. Active Learning Project

Last year we spent some time exploring the idea of an active learning block. Ultimately, we decided to proceed cautiously: staff have explicit permission to explore active learning in their units and we will continue to explore options of introducing a block in a more systematic manner.

What we want: We are looking for members for the Active Learning Working party to represent departments and collect examples of good practice.

If you are interested please contact Mitch.

Posted by Kylie Coaldrake

Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator, Office of PVC (Education)

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