iLearn will be upgraded on the evening of Friday 8 February 2019. There will be a downtime from around 5pm for up to 24 hours. As part of this upgrade there will be a few changes that you needs to know about. Don’t worry, most things will remain the same and will be familiar to you. This post will highlight the biggest changes to the iLearn user interface after the upgrade.

Turn editing on

Teaching and support staff who have administration rights to iLearn units will notice that the ‘Turn editing on’ button is now part of an administration dropdown menu that appears as a cog at the top right hand corner of your unit and activity pages. From the activities menu you can access a number of administrative functions

Global Navigation

As part of the upgrade to iLearn you can now access sitewide navigation from any page. To do this open the navigation drawer found at the top left hand corner of the site. This will allow you to access key unit components such as gradebooks and participants as well as go straight to other iLearn units.

The upgrade brings iLearn into the most up to date theme on our learning management platform(Moodle). This will allow iLearn to take advantage of user interface changes more rapidly and allow us to provide the best user experience across different devices.

More information: Click here if you would like more information on changes to iLearn

Posted by Jeremy Hind

Jeremy is the Manager Application Services (Learning and Teaching).

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