There are now a number of Departments in the Faculty of Human Sciences that display only letter grades to students. You can enable this in iLearn Gradebook by adjusting the User report settings, whilst keeping numeric grades visible to teaching staff only.  

Below are the steps to check and change the settings for students (points 1-5) and staff (point 6) view. By making these changes you will change the grade display for all items in the Gradebook.

    1. In your iLearn unit, go to Tools > Gradebook setup.  
  1. Hover your mouse over the Setup tab and select Unit grade settings:

iLearn Gradebook set up page with Unit grade settings option highlighted

3.  Scroll down the page to the User report heading, which controls what students see.

4.  Set Show letter grades to Show, and Show grades to Hide.   Everything else can be set to Hide (see image below).  When these settings are in place, students will only see letter grades for all grade items:

User report settings to display letters to students

6.  To change the grade display for teaching staff, find the Grade item settings heading towards the top of the page. The Grade display type is set to Real by default. This means teaching staff will see numeric grades, which is the preference in most units, although there is a range of options for staff view available in the drop down menu.

7.  Click Save Changes for the page (or Cancel if you haven’t made any changes).  

Need a slightly different set up, or still have questions?  Contact Alex Thackray and Rebecca Ritchie at

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