The Learning Innovation Hub is excited to announce a new functionality in iLearn Insights. You can now email students directly from within the iLearn Insights dashboard. Emails, for example, can be targeted to students who haven’t logged in for 7 days or about a certain activity.

The following video takes you step-by-step through the process of sending emails through Insights >

Each email has preset template text. The text is completely editable and you can personalise the message to each student using parameters which can be inserted into a message from a simple dropdown menu.

You can also effectively target messages to students depending on the grade they have achieved on any activity.

We hope this tool will enable teaching staff-to-student communications to be much simplier and more effective. Further support for this email tool can be found in the iLearn Quickguides here >

If any other support for this tool is required please send an email to and we are happy to assist anyone who wants to make use of this tool

Posted by Jeremy Hind

Jeremy is the Manager Application Services (Learning and Teaching).

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