Zoe Williams, Head Of Governance Services

A recent challenge I have faced has been getting really big picture transformation projects across the line in really short time frames (i.e. the curriculum architecture project). Also trusting that once we get through this we’ll reflect on what an incredible body of work we’ve achieved.

Macquarie never ceases to amaze me, all of the staff are so collegiate and so collaborative. The fact that everyone is on board on this incredible journey together has amazed me. I have not had one person push back.

Next I’m looking forward to working with the new Registrar on the student success framework, I think that’s going to be another really important piece of work.

Pierre Bleiker, Digital Recording Administrator

My job is looking after the Echo360 system and recordings.

What inspires me is the people I’m able to help and serve. To help a lost academic or students that can’t listen to the recordings makes me want to get up in the morning and want to come back and help them again.

To those who don’t like being recorded I’d say that they don’t really have an option these days. We have to cater for all different student types, whether they like face-to-face or whether they prefer to do it online. It’s the modern age, that’s just the way they have to do it.

I’ve been here 27 years. I’ve not left because I like this place so much. It’s the people. The grounds are nice, the buildings are ever evolving. But it’s the people.

Jacqueline Phillips, Deputy Chair, Academic Senate & Professor of Neurophysiology

At the moment we’re looking at the composition of the Academic Senate and how we can best represent the university community – it’s causing some quite heated debate about the best way to do that! Being part of Academic Senate gives you the opportunity to be involved at a University-wide level and make a difference to how things function and achieve best outcomes for staff and students, in terms of research and learning.

I’ve been at Macquarie since 2009, and being part of the new Medical Faculty’s been fantastic.

Being part of the initial research group that’s watched it grow in terms of our teaching profile, our research profile, our undergraduate students, our PhD students. All those teams coming together, they’re all fairly young and dynamic and excited to be here.

To younger academics I’d say it’s about doing things you enjoy and are passionate about. It’s always a busy workload, so it’s about choosing things that you enjoy, things where you can see benefits and outcomes from for the people you’re working with.

It’s also about retaining the joy of learning, I think that’s why we’re academics, the certain breed of person that becomes an academic. It’s about being able to keep that joy of learning, for yourself as we’ll as for the people you’re working with.

Matthew, Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Finance and Accounting, 1st year

I’ve really enjoyed the content of the study so far. It’s been quite interesting for me learning the content and just getting that experience you’re going to need for the workforce.

It’s probably exceeded my expectations. I suppose I didn’t really know what to expect, coming into uni. It’s a little bit different to high school, the way they teach at uni is a lot more hands on, and I find it much easier to learn.

Today I’m working for the Macquarie Shop, selling some ‘merch’. Working here, a lot of international students walk past so it’s great to get to speak to them and get to know a bit about their story like where they’re from.

Posted by Geraldine Timmins

I was Communications and Engagement Lead for the Learning Innovation Hub 2017 - 2018 and Teche Editor during that time.

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