A friendly reminder to all Unit Convenors that it is a Faculty requirement that all student grades must be available through iLearn Gradebook.

If you are a Unit Convenor who needs:

  • Help setting up Gradebook, or somebody to set it up for you
  • Advice on showing / returning Grades to students through Gradebook, or
  • Someone to double check that the Gradebook settings you have set up are correct,

email your Faculty Learning Designers, Alex and Rebecca at fohs.lds@mq.edu.au.

A new and exciting project is currently underway to create a tool that aims to simplify and streamline unit grade processes at the end of each session. It will be designed to extract grades from iLearn Gradebook and upload them into the Student System, AMIS.

One caveat: In order for this tool to work, all units will need to have an up-to-date Gradebook set up.

The goal is to have it in place by the end of Session 2, so come and get Gradebook help in the meantime if you need it, and watch this space!

Posted by Alex Thackray

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