Are you looking for a tool to help facilitate, schedule, and frame communications with students in your unit? Personalised Learning Designer (PLD) could be just the tool for you.

PLD enables you to create, in advance, messages to students that trigger at specific times during session and allows you to target certain students with messages that are right for them. With the name, the emphasis is on Personalised Learning, as in a tool for Personalised Learning.

With PLD, you can set up messages at the beginning of session and they will be triggered to send at the times you chose or when triggered by the actions of students, such as completion of items, grade thresholds being met or not met, or students not logging into iLearn for a set amount of time. 

For example, at the start of session, you can ‘set and forget’ reminders about assessment due dates, send a welcome message, set up a trigger that sends extra resources to a student who receives a mark below a certain number, or you can create messages of encouragement that automatically send during the stressful periods of the session.

PLD will be released in all iLearn teaching units in Session 2.

This online resource takes you through the why and how of using PLD to help facilitate better communication with your students. 

Earlier this year the Learning Innovation Hub carried out a student focus group to investigate expectations around communication from teaching staff. The results of that focus group indicate that

the majority of students would like to hear from their unit Convener at least weekly during session,

with the most sought after messages including reminders about assessment due dates, changes to assessments or weightings, feedback on unit progression, common assessment mistakes, messages of encouragement and being directed to resources for further help. Click here for a full report of the findings from the focus group and subsequent campus-wide student survey. 

PLD was trialled in a number of units over the last two sessions, mainly to deliver a welcome message (using the pop up functionality) and to send reminders about due dates for assessments.The great thing about PLD is that you can start small, with these kind of simple messages, and then as you grow comfortable build more messages into your unit using the wide range of options.

If you are interested to hear more about Personalised Learning Designer (PLD), please check out the instructional resource, speak to your Faculty Learning Designers, or email with a query. 

Posted by Jeremy Hind

Jeremy is the Manager Application Services (Learning and Teaching).

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