A reminder to Faculty of Arts units using Leganto in Session 2 to send your reading lists to the Library for processing by

Monday 9th July, 2018.  

The Library is continuing to partner with the Faculty of Arts to offer reading lists using a new reading list management tool called Leganto. In Session 2, 2018 the Library is working with four departments from the Faculty of Arts (Department of Ancient History, Department of English, Department of Security Studies and Criminology, and Macquarie Law School), as well as a few units from other departments.

Benefits of Leganto include:

  • Reading lists are easy to create, annotate, manage and update
  • Flexible layout options allow organisation by week, topic or theme
  • Easy inclusion of multimedia, web resources, blogs and other media types
  • Students can actively engage with the reading list by ‘liking’, commenting on, and suggesting additional readings

The Library has been running a series of Leganto training sessions in order to prepare for Session 2. These sessions cover how to create and manage reading lists in Leganto and provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions about this system. Register for a training session here.

To volunteer your Faculty of Arts unit to use Leganto please either

  • register for a training session
  • create your lists by following the instructions in the guide or
  • state that you wish to use Leganto when submitting your list to lib.reserve@mq.edu.au.

If you require assistance with creating your reading list in Leganto, please do not hesitate to contact the Library (lib.reserve@mq.edu.au). Completed lists in Leganto should be sent to the Library for processing by Monday 9th July, 2018.

Posted by Kendall Kousek

Discovery Services & Systems Librarian, Macquarie University Library

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