As it’s just 7 weeks until the start of Session 2, here’s comprehensive Learning Technologies related checklist so you can take action now and in the coming weeks to prepare for Session 2.

Please note, all Learning Technologies Quick Guides are located on the Staff Portal at and then click into “Teaching Technologies and Tools”. Bookmark the page for quick and easy navigation.


Session 2 units are now available in iTeach. 

  1. Assigning Staff 

Department Managers can now assign unit convenors to their Session 2 iLearn units. See Assigning staff.

If you’re a Unit Convenor, you’ll be notified once you’ve been assigned to your unit code/s.

  1. Create Unit Guides

Once Convenors have been assigned, it’s time to prepare S2 2018 Unit Guides See: Creating Unit Guides

Unit Guides are required to be published from within iTeach and, once published, these will become publicly available at

As per [an amendment, as of 15 June 2018, to the] Unit Guide Policy (now located in Schedule 6, item 2.5. of the Assessment Policy), all Unit guides need to be created, approved and published 2 weeks prior to the start date of the unit. 

If a unit guide needs to be updated, you’ll need to create a new draft and submit the unit guide for approval.

Here are easy-to-follow quick guides presenting the steps.

  1. Activate and manage your iLearn unit

Once Convenors have been assigned, they have access to activate S2 2018 iLearn units in iTeach. See: Activate your iLearn space.

Create your iLearn unit through iTeach and add teaching staff, unit start and end dates, student cohorts, and automatically create tutorial groups. Once the unit has been created, you can add and update iLearn content – such as recreating Turnitin assignments, setting up Gradebook, changing due dates, etc. More on setting up your iLearn unit below.

For a quick reference on what goes in iTeach and what goes in iLearn, check out this handy guide created by Rebecca.

Need more help?

Drop-in Clinic dates and locations are below.

If you have any queries or would like any assistance with setting up your unit, you can;

For Your Reference

The MQ Assessment Policy contains information on:

  • Schedule 1: Grading and Requirements
  • Schedule 2: Unit Assessment Requirements
  • Schedule 3: Higher Degree Research Assessment Requirements (under development)
  • Schedule 4: Final Examination Requirements
  • Schedule 5: Moderation Requirements 


Log into iLearn to build your iLearn space.

  1. Link to your Unit Guide from iLearn
  2. Add the Echo360 ALP block to your iLearn unit (for lecture recordings and live streaming).
  3. Automatically create Tutorial Groups in iLearn 
  4. Add Learning Activities
  5. Set up Gradebook
  6. Send reading lists to the library. Email The closing date to get your Session 2 Unit Readings to the library is Monday, 25th June, 2018.
  7. Create and manage assignments using Turnitin

Also, become familiar with your Teaching Venues and the Audio Visual Equipment in each room.

Visit the 2018 Timetables page to view your unit’s timetable. Click the location name (noting changes to campus location names) to see the room’s profile including size, equipment and access details. For any timetable or room issues, please contact your Faculty Timetable Officer.

Please check you know how to use the AV equipment in your teaching space. Follow the instructions provided at the teaching desk. For help, phone the number displayed in the room, or use the contact details shown in the room’s profile page on the Timetable. If in doubt, check with AVTS.

Teaching in a computer lab? Please also check the right software has been loaded by the local IT manager.

Need more iLearn help?

Email, visit the iLearn Drop-in Clinic (details below), visit the iLearn quick guides, or contact your Faculty Learning Designer.

iLearn Drop-In Clinic 

Get on the spot help between 10am-2pm:

Monday 16 – Friday 20 July 2018, 12 Second Way (12SW) (formerly C5A), Room 201
Monday 23 – Friday 27 July 2018, 12 Second Way (12SW) (formerly C5A), Room 201
Monday 30 July – Friday 3 August 2018, 12 Wally’s Walk (12WW) (formerly E7A), Room G23


If you’ve not yet created or become familiar with using interactive activities through Echo360 Active Learning Platform, now’s the time.

Take a look at Olga’s very handy resource Practical ideas to add interaction into your lectures and her post on 5 ways to make lectures more engaging.

Become familiar with the Echo360 ALP quick guides and take a look at Beverley’s Teche post.

  1. Create your presentation in ALP
  2. Add Interactive Activities

Activity types:

3. Embed Media (like videos, images, rich media)
4. Explore the ALP analytics function and have a think about what it can tell you

For more on this, check out Beverley’s Teche post, and the latest ALP technical considerations and troubleshoots.

We look forward to seeing you at Drop-in Clinic or at one of the many learning and teaching support workshops the Learning Innovation Hub will be running in the weeks leading up to and throughout Session 2. We’re always available to help so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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