Over 1,000 students, from 34 PACE units across all Faculties, completed the Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) Student Survey in Session 2 2017 – and the results are in! PACE is a university-wide program providing practical experience for our undergraduate students, engaging them in mutually beneficial real-world activities with organisations.

What is the PACE Student Survey?

One half of the survey, completed at the beginning of the PACE unit, asks students about their previous work experience, what they are hoping to do when they graduate, expectations for the unit and current skills, awareness and knowledge in relation to employability. Then, at the end of the Unit, students are asked about their experiences of PACE, the impact of PACE on career readiness, active citizenship and networking outcomes and suggestions for improvement.

How was the PACE Student Survey developed?

The survey was developed through a redesign of the Learner Experience of PACE (LEP). It was a collaborative venture between the PACE Research and Evaluation team and the Learning Innovation Hub, PACE staff and PACE Unit Convenors.

What are the benefits of the PACE Student Survey?

The survey provides valuable data that demonstrates the impact of PACE, as well as supporting quality assurance and program enhancement. All Unit Convenors who distribute the survey receive a report on their unit level results, which can be used to improve student learning, engagement and outcomes. The survey is a core element of the PACE evaluation and the results will be fed into Faculty quality improvement processes.

The results of the PACE Student Survey can also be used to:

table with uses of PACE survey

Overall, students are highly satisfied with their PACE experience, and PACE is having a particularly positive impact on student’s career readiness.

What did students tell us about their experience of PACE?

Join us at the PACE Community of Practice meeting on Thursday 10th May, 12-1pm, where the PACE Research and Evaluation team will present the results from Session 2, 2017.

Where can I learn more?

If you are interested in delivering the PACE Student Survey this session or have any questions, please contact your Faculty Academic Director of PACE.

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