There is a new publishing tool coming to iLearn to be trialled in Session 1, 2018. The H5P plugin for iLearn comes with a huge range of options for interactive content such as interactive videos, presentations, quizzes and other creative activities in iLearn. Some of these activities can be graded, but the H5P activities lend themselves to producing engaging formative learning activities.

The best thing about it is the super easy set up. This means anyone can create not only an engaging but professional looking learning activity for students. Some simple examples where you could use H5P include Flash cards for language learning, Image hotspots for clinical images and Timelines for visualising a history. The Course presentation and Interactive video tools allow you to add questions and other interactivity throughout a slide or video presentation. Adding just a few of these interactive elements to your unit can really help to boost student engagement and motivation

See H5P in action

Take a look at the recording and resources from the recent iLearn Tech Talk event which showcased some of the features which will now be available through the introduction of H5P. More information and resources will become available as we test and explore the use of the tool at Macquarie.

iLearn Insights functions

H5P functions, slide from presentation

Want to try H5P?

We will be piloting H5P in Session 1, 2018 and are looking for volunteers to trial it in iLearn.

Everyone should now have access to try out H5P in their iLearn sandbox. Your sandbox will appear under ‘Other units’ on your My Home page. If you don’t have a sandbox, email to request one. Once in your sandbox, Turn editing on > Add an activity or resource > Select H5P > Select content type. 

If you’d like to be part of the trial and use H5P in another unit, please email with the unit code. We’ll set the access for you and get you started with H5P.

We look forward to learning more about this tool and sharing what we create!

Posted by Amanda Parker

Learning Enhancement Manager, PVC L&T

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