If you have already started to book rooms, view enrolments, or started to plan events across campus, you may have noticed a change in how buildings are identified. The University has been iteratively introducing its new campus signage and location naming system over the past year, but from 2018, it will begin to phase out the old naming systems in timetabling, on campus signage and in booking systems.

New students starting from Session 1 next month will only see signage and building information in the new format (no reference to the old names will be included in enrolment, timetables and orientation), so it’s essential for all staff to become familiar with and adopt these changes for effective and clear communications with students, external stakeholders and colleagues.

The summary of changes, new maps and explanations can be found on Property’s Campus signage page.

Examples include:

  • E7B is now 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue (14SCO)
  • E4B is now 6 Eastern Road (6EaR)
  • Macquarie Theatre is now 21 Wally’s Walk (21WW)

This simple web based building converter was developed by an industrious staff member. Enter the old or new reference and it converts it for you in a flash!

Car parks are also changing – for example the old C3 car park becomes P South 2, Campus South.

Building shorthand/abbreviations (ie. 18WW) should only be used amongst internal stakeholders and the full address (ie. 18 Wally’s Walk) should be used in formal communication.

The changes come after property undertook a review of way-finding signage across the entire campus, which included consultation and workshops with representatives from various faculties, departments and stakeholders.

The review found that the building reference system had lost its integrity and was confusing to most, especially for newcomers to campus. Address-based building identities, a standard system used across the globe, were developed to replace the old E, W, C, X and F building naming systems, with the aim to make way-finding more intuitive.

Edits to the campus map are still being finalised and the official communications about the change will be released closer to session starting.

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