• A successful rollout of approximately 50% of the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children’s Master of Disability Studies units for its inaugural offering at Macquarie. 2017 saw the continuation of RIDBC’s teaching relationship with Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, who sponsored 5 students directly into the program to train orientation and mobility specialists – a small but highly specialised and essential profession in the sensory disability space. An additional 2 students were sponsored into the course by Guide Dogs Victoria.
  • The first offering of COGS202 – Cognitive Neuroscience with 100 students enrolled, more interactive research labs, a more advanced version of the Emotiv labs and also 2 labs using virtual reality to learn about various cognitive neuroscience topics including motor learning and adaptation.
  • Also the first offering of COGS310 – Current Problems in Cognitive Science. A small cohort, but by co-locating with an MRes units, Cogs Sci was able to provide students with a unique learning opportunity in which they interact with their direct peers, MRes students, PhD students and academics in very small discussion groups.
  • Cognitive Sciences has been given approval to run a new unit next semester: COGS210 – Memory. Development of this unit is currently underway.
  • LING121- Language Myths and Realities, new first-year unit up and running
  • Completion of Department of Educational Studies First Year Experience project

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