In July 2017, Academic Senate established a Working Group to review the Academic Honesty Policy to ensure alignment with the Academic Integrity Values Statement and the Student Discipline Rule and Procedure.  A draft Academic Integrity Policy and supporting Schedules have been developed and following consultation and approval, will replace the existing Academic Honesty Policy.

The new Policy has been updated to reflect the sector’s contemporary understanding of academic integrity, including reference to technological developments and emerging trends. The Policy is designed to underpin and safeguard academic integrity by articulating a set of shared academic integrity values, and providing staff and students with greater detail in regards to the application of those principles.

Academic Integrity is a core value of our University, and cornerstone of our intellectual community.

We welcome your feedback on the draft documents which are available under the ‘Academic Integrity’ tab on the Academic Senate Projects and Priorities webpage.

Please forward any feedback to the project contact Ainslee Harvey ( by 29 January 2018.

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