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  1. One more time – ready to rumble – S3 Preparation
  2. Looking for inspiration? – Open iLearn Search box
  3. Don’t tick that! – Gradebook weights
  4. Lifelong learner

Session 3 Preparation

Session 3 starts on 4th December 2017. The units are ready for staff allocation in iTeach and once allocated academic staff should be able to clone and set up their iLearn and Unit guide on iTeach. Please contact Arts L&T team if you need assistance in redesigning your unit for the compressed delivery in S3.

Open iLearn Search box

Want to see other units in iLearn? There is now an search box on the right hand side of your iLearn Homepage. Why not look at some of our exemplar units (AHIS150, PICT212, and AHIS170)  to get some great L&T ideas!


By now your unit gradebook should be setup and adding up to 100. But did you tick the box that say Weights in the gradebook? – This is not a recommended practice as department administrators need to have both the original mark and the weighted mark on the exported spreadsheet. Setup Categories to weigh your assessment items. Need help with gradebook setup – avoid the end of semester madness – visit a Arts L&T drop-in clinic – Tuesday & Thursday 12-1pm.

weights column

Lifelong Learner

My dad passed away recently. Thinking back to all the times we shared, the main lesson he imparted was about learning and teaching. Yes, my dad was a teacher – Professor for most part of his life. He moved to Australia when he was 62 years old! He did not retire from teaching till his last years. He always said don’t stop learning. The biggest asset we have as humans is our skill to adapt, change and acquire knowledge. Wherever you are, always seek knowledge and learn for the purpose of growing. He was never phased by the changes in the education field- from the introduction of typewriters to computers. He adapted to the technology, learnt new skills even at the age of 80. He said our goal is to learn, technology is merely a tool to that goal.

He went from teaching Management, Accounting etc to teaching Philosophy, Vedanta and Upanishads. He constantly read and he even learnt to use MQ Library Multisearch and borrowed books. He loved that he had access to MQ’s treasure trove of books.

He always said, encouraging your children or students to enjoy learning, become self-motivated, cultivate a thirst for knowledge whether it be professional or personal should be always at the forefront of any action as a teacher/parent. Hearing from all the people he had taught and the lessons they had learnt from him, gives me solace in knowing he lives through the knowledge he imparted and the number of lives he has touched by teaching.

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