Looking for help with producing media? Educational Media Producers in the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) can offer fresh perspectives and specialist techniques in creating educational media resources to enhance online learning experiences at Macquarie.

As part of the LIH Shared Services Team, Ed(ucational) Media Producers work closely with Faculty Learning & Teaching teams, LIH Learning Designers and representatives from various Offices to create high-quality, fit-for-purpose educational media resources. Their combined expertise and areas of interest span video production, animated motion graphics, photography, graphic and web design, blogging, 3D modelling and virtual reality.

The Ed Media Producers also have a variety of equipment (video cameras, still cameras, microphones and audio recorders) to loan out to the community. In addition, the team can provide training and support on the use of this equipment to create effective media for learning and teaching at varying levels; from curious beginners to production enthusiasts.

The Ed Media Producers worked extensively on two Macquarie MOOCs, providing expertise on conceptualising, filming, editing and motion graphics.

Nathan SollarsNathan Sollars

Coming from an IT background, I love the intersection where digital media crosses paths with new technology. Lets have a chat about Virtual or Augmented Reality!

Ask me about: Animation, motion graphics and 3D modelling/printing.

Michael Catabay Michael Catabay

After starting out in web and graphic design, I’m seeking the best ways to bring meaning out of movement through video production and motion graphics, as well as the opposite; telling stories with still images.

Ask me about: Blogging, photography, digital design, personal branding and social media.

Michael Garganera Michael Garganera

I want to create engaging content that cuts to the point whilst pleasingly connecting the dots. With a background in marketing and visual media, I can help get your creative ideas from A to B!

Ask me about: Video production, editorial photography and DIY content creation.

If you’d like assistance with educational media production, if in Faculties, please firstly contact your Faculty L&T Teams, or if in an Office or Unit get in touch directly via the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) Shared Services team at lih-sst@mq.edu.au.

Posted by Geraldine Timmins

I was Communications and Engagement Lead for the Learning Innovation Hub 2017 - 2018 and Teche Editor during that time.

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