Quick Guides for learning and teaching

Bite sized chunks of learning and teaching theory and practice – a quick read at just 1-A4 page each.

Each guide provides links to additional resources should you wish to explore further.

Quick Guide (and link)Description
Constructive AlignmentDefining and applying constructive alignment.
Feedback MethodsSpecifying how feedback will happen.
Grade DescriptorsDefining and applying grade descriptors and standards to evaluate student performance.
Informal EvaluationFinding out what students think of your unit using methods other than the end of session surveys.
Learning OutcomesWriting feasible learning outcomes.
Student ParticipationWays to encourage student participation.
Student WorkloadSpecifying how students will spend their time in the unit’s activities (how many hours).
Unit ActivitiesSpecifying classes and learning activities
Unit AssessmentSpecifying how students will be assessed.
Unit GuidesWhat should be included in a Unit Guide. How to write a good unit description.

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