Sessional staff member

You are a sessional staff member and you may have worked at other universities. Outside of paid activities, you have not attended professional development workshops. You value and enjoy keeping up with developments in your field and in teaching generally, so you opt for self-paced, online professional development whenever it is offered and available to sessional teaching staff.

Selected Resources

Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOCA self-paced teaching induction course which includes content developed by Macquarie University staff. Offered S1 and S2 each year.
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Podcast discussion clubLike a book club – but for podcasts. Join conversations about learning and teaching. The club meets monthly to listen to short extracts from a podcast and then discuss the key ideas.
iLearn instructions and resourcesiLearn guides and information with step-by-step instructions to navigate and use iLearn to create lecture notes, quizzes, discussion forums and other online resources for your students.
Beginning to Teach programAn online program designed to develop the teaching capability of those with limited or no experience of university teaching. Includes an opportunity to plan, facilitate and evaluate a short (‘micro’) teaching session and receive peer feedback.
Active learning self-paced modulesModule 1: implementing active learning in your classroom: low-stakes techniques, key literature findings and practical tips.
Module 2: advanced active learning tips and techniques and suggestions for tackling common issues.
2 modules – 45 minutes each.