Online and blended teaching

PLaCe Capabilities

S1.4 Explore different strategies, tools and technologies to facilitate student learning.

S3.1 Identify teaching techniques, tools and technologies to engage students.

You have some experience in online teaching, and you’d like to know more about digital pedagogies and the use of learning technologies to better support your students’ online learning. You’re also interested in ways to manage and enhance blended-synchronous teaching, and sustaining student engagement and participation in associated learning activities, such as live-streamed lectures or combining classroom group activities with those in Zoom breakout rooms.

Selected Resources

Zoom for Teaching Self-Paced ModuleLearn how to set up and work with – and in – Zoom for learning and teaching: practical tips and techniques, using basic Zoom functions, recommended set-up options, tweaking default options and how to make your Zoom teaching sessions more interactive and engaging.
Discover your online presence video seriesPresent your best self for online teaching, whether you are running classes via Zoom or recording lectures. A series of short 5-minute videos created by an experienced voice coach. Also great for students creating online presentations or videos.
Teaching Online TECHE articlesScan recent TECHE articles related to teaching online for information and ideas.
Echo360 Universal Capture ModuleLearn how to create, edit, upload and share your own recorded media using Echo360 Universal Capture software.