Industry professional

PLaCe Capabilities

D1.2 Participate in professional development and/or mentoring.

C1.8 Identify opportunities across the curriculum for embedding employability skills, professional practices and/or career learning

F2.1 Observe and reflect on the teaching of others.

You’re a senior practitioner in your field with extensive professional experience in industry. You were approached by a Macquarie academic to deliver some guest lectures, which you enjoyed so much you will be teaching on a regular basis. Teaching is combined with your external role. You would like professional development in teaching because you are interested in supporting students and graduates to progress in your industry.

Selected Resources

New to Teaching websiteEssential information and resources for staff new to teaching at MQ.
Using MQ Technology and ToolsUser guides for all MQ supported learning technologies available on this website whenever you need them.
Research Enriched TeachingUniting teaching and research:
identifying ways in which research can be used to enrich student learning throughout the curriculum (2-page .pdf)
iLearn Training WorkshopsView the currently available workshops and training for iLearn and other MQ learning technologies.
Active Learning Self-paced Modules Module 1: implementing active learning in your classroom: low-stakes techniques, key literature findings and practical tips.
Module 2: advanced active learning tips and techniques and suggestions for tackling common issues.
2 modules – 45 minutes each.
Zoom for TeachingLearn how to set up and work with – and in – Zoom for learning and teaching: practical tips and techniques, using basic Zoom functions, recommended set-up options, tweaking default options and how to make your Zoom teaching sessions more interactive and engaging.
Marking and Giving FeedbackA short Q&A activity to help staff marking and giving feedback for the first time.