Balancing teaching and research

PLaCe Capabilities

S3.2 Use different strategies, tools and technologies to promote student engagement.

A1.6 Participate in assessment moderation processes.

A2.3 Identify methods to monitor student progress to provide appropriate feedback to support student learning.

You convene two units and you co-teach on another and that is just a fraction of your workload. You have limited time for ‘extra-curricular’ activities and you want to integrate your teaching and research where possible. For teaching development, you prioritise practical ‘just-in-time’ professional learning that helps you streamline teaching preparation and administration so that your face-to-face and online teaching is more efficient, effective, and most importantly enjoyable, for you and your students.

Selected Resources

Using MQ Technology and ToolsUser guides for all MQ supported learning technologies available on this website whenever you need them.
Feedback to studentsA series of TECHE posts covering feedback for learning.
Turnitin: Feedback StudioLearn how to use Feedback Studio to provide students with assignment grades and feedback, including QuickMarks, general comments and a rubric. 45 min Workday module.
Turnitin: RubricsUnderstand the different types of rubrics you can create in Turnitin and learn how to create and share a rubric. 30 minute Workday module.
Research enriched teachingUniting teaching and research:
identifying ways in which research can be used to enrich student learning throughout the curriculum (2-page .pdf)
Introduction to MQ’s Curriculum Management SystemA module for anyone needing to use or work with the MQCMS: what it’s used for, information flow, approval process, searching information, making unit or course amendments. 1 hour Workday module.
Active learning self-paced modulesModule 1: implementing active learning in your classroom: low-stakes techniques, key literature findings and practical tips.
Module 2: advanced active learning tips and techniques and suggestions for tackling common issues.
2 modules – 45 minutes each.
Zoom for teachingLearn how to set up and work with – and in – Zoom for learning and teaching: practical tips and techniques, using basic Zoom functions, recommended set-up options, tweaking default options and how to make your Zoom teaching sessions more interactive and engaging.