20 June, 2019
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Art Gallery of NSW

Do you ever think about making a difference for humanity?

By joining together to celebrate World Refugee Day on Thursday June 20th at the Art Gallery of NSW, you will take action for an important cause.

The power of the human spirit can bridge cultural divides – UNHCR

The UNHCR’s latest Global Trends report on the global number of people forcibly displaced, peaked in 2017 for a fifth consecutive year. In response to the growing crisis of displaced people, the UNHCR has agreed a Global Compact for Refugees to be endorsed by states to provide better protection, asylum and safety and respect for people living in and being forced to flee areas of conflict and violence. Our community of partners will meet to acknowledge the terrible human suffering endured by a record and unacceptable number of displaced people across the globe, as a direct result of violence and conflict. Within this, resilience, compassion and respect for our fellow humans will also be celebrated, with particular emphasis given to the positive contributions made by people to societies who welcome them positively.

Race Discrimination Commissioner for The Australian Human Right’s Commission, Mr Chin Tan, will join us at our World Refugee Day event and address the audience with a key-note delivery.

The University’s Sofia Ihsan will share her personal account of what it means to be welcomed by a positive and accepting community, and the impact this has had on her sense of belonging.

Mr Archie Law, Chair of the Sydney Peace Foundation and Humanitarian Director at Save the Children Australia will close the event with thought provoking comments.

The event will be celebrated with a High Tea, inspired by the 2018 University publication The Sweetest Memory, in honour of and solidarity with our shared humanity.

Book your tickets or for more information contact Widening Participation.

Proceeds from the sale of tickets, books and other items will all go towards the Macquarie University Financial Needs Grant, established to support students from refugee and or asylum seeker backgrounds who experience financial hardship.

Posted by Sonal Singh