14 August, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Professor Geoffrey Crisp (PVC Education) from the University of New South Wales will look at the growing mismatch between students’ expectations and abilities and those of their teaching staff. Universities across Australia are all frantically ‘renewing’ this or that curricular feature to stay competitive. So, if we don’t change our teaching and assessment practices here, will we become extinct? Come along and find out!

Where: Seminar Room, Level 1, 75 Talavera Road.

Please contact Professor Ian Johnson (ian.johnson@mq.edu.au) if you require more information.

More information: Teaching and Assessment in STEM – time for a change flyer

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Posted by Fidel Fernando

I am a Learning Designer constantly curious about how to design and facilitate learning through the use of stories, art and technology. I am also inexplicably fond of ferrets.