13 September, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

18 Wally’s Walk (MUSE/MAZE), Level 3, Room A

Not sure how to respond when someone says, “no, I’m not okay”? We each have what it takes to ask the question and offer support.

Every day, people experience life’s ups and downs; things like grief, relationship breakdowns, financial difficulty or losing a job. Sadly, at these times many people feel they don’t have anyone to confide in. We can all play a role in supporting others and asking R U OK?

There are times where we are concerned about asking R U OK? Common challenges about asking R U OK? include:
“I don’t know what to say”
“I wouldn’t want to make it worse”
“I’m worried they might get angry”
“I’m not an expert”
“It’s none of my business”R U OK? – Not Just Today, But Every Day

Join us on Thursday 13 September where Jo-Elle Warhurst, Consultant Psychologist for the Centre of Corporate Health,  will speak about the importance of asking colleagues, friends and family the question “R U OK?” not just today but throughout the year. Today is an important reminder for us to connect with and support those around us. Letting those around you know that you CARE is one of the best things we can do.

In this session, you will learn why many people don’t ask the question, exploring common barriers and challenges. The session will also address psychological safety in the workplace. You will learn how to create a workplace where you feel comfortable to ask R U OK? And be able to embed it in the workplace culture.

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Posted by Geraldine Timmins

I was Communications and Engagement Lead for the Learning Innovation Hub 2017 - 2018 and Teche Editor during that time.