3 May, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

75 Talavera Rd G605, Ground floor, Physiotherapy

Associate Professor Verity Pacey is opening up the PHTY8204 tutorial class to provide you with an opportunity to observe teaching – live and in-person, as part of our ‘Open for Observation’ program in Session 1. Register below to observe this class.

The teacher: Verity Pacey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences.

The class: PHTY8204 Health & Wellbeing across the Lifespan – 2 hour tutorial, On campus. The class is offered face to face only.It involves small group work and larger discussion. The focus of the classes is paediatric physiotherapy

Before the class: Please contact Verity via email prior to attending the class verity.pacey@mq.edu.au. Download the observation Reflection Sheet and read the PHTY8204 Unit Guide. Access the unit iLearn site (via Open iLearn) and view the pre-tutorial content. Verity can provide tutorial notes too.

During the class: Please introduce yourself to the class. Consider the prompts on this guided Reflection Sheet as you observe the class.Verity is interested in receiving feedback from you afterwards about strategies to make the class more engaging and engaging students who are quiet.

After the class: If you would like to arrange an informal chat with Verity after the class as an opportunity to ask any questions about the class and to reflect on your experience, please email Verity directly verity.pacey@mq.edu.au.

Open for Observation program information and FAQ’s

Questions: Contact professional.learning@mq.edu.au


Bookings are closed for this event.

Posted by Kylie Coaldrake

Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator, Office of PVC (Education)