5 May, 2022
9:30 am - 11:00 am

2 Technology Place, Room G11

Professor Ian Johnson is opening up a MEDI2300 anatomy lab class to provide you with an opportunity to observe teaching – live and in-person, as part of our ‘Open for Observation’ program in Session 1. Register below to observe this class.

The teacher: Ian Johnson is a Professor of Anatomy in the Macquarie Medical School, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences.

The class: MEDI2300 Neuroscience: A unique opportunity to observe a 20-minute (approx.) anatomy laboratory small group tutorial on campus or online.This is a series of repeat classes using human cadaver specimens in which Ian weaves between various modes (constructivism, situated cognition, active learning, assessment for learning, Socrartic etc). Each lab session has a duration on 1.5 hours comprised of 4 stations of around 20 minutes. Ian will be teaching one of the stations 4 times within that timeslot.Note that you will need to complete a brief lab induction beforehand if you are observing the lab on campus. Even if you are joining an online lab you will still be required to contact Ian as he is required to explain the sensitivities associated with cadaver images and the need for discretion and no recording.

Before the class: Please register for the class as the first step using the relevant link above, and then contact Ian directly after that via email to ian.johnson@mq.edu.au . Arrange with Ian what time you are going to observe. If you will be observing the class on campus, you will be required to complete a brief anatomy labs induction (NSW Anatomy Act 1977) – Ian will organise this. You will need to meet in the labs a few days before the class. If you have a white lab coat, please bring it. You will be provided with a mask and gloves. If you are observing an online lab, you also need to contact Ian prior to attending the class. Download the observation Reflection Sheet and read the MEDI2300 Unit Guide.

During the class: You will be introduced as a visitor. Ian has indicated that you may interact with the students if you wish. You must be respectful of human material. No photos or videos are allowed. Ian is interested in receiving feedback from you afterwards about the class.

After the class: If you would like to arrange an informal chat with Ian after the class as an opportunity to ask any questions about the class and to reflect on your experience, please email Ian directly (ian.johnson@mq.edu.au)

Open for Observation program information and FAQ’s

Questions: Contact professional.learning@mq.edu.au


Bookings are closed for this event.

Posted by Kylie Coaldrake

Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator, Office of PVC (Education)