29 March, 2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

25WW C229 Wally’s Walk (Language Learning Room)

Dr Chavalin Svetanant is opening up the JPSN1210 tutorial class to provide you with an opportunity to observe teaching – live and in-person, as part of our ‘Open for Observation’ program in Session 1. Register below to observe this class.

The teacher: Dr Chavalin Svetanant is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Media, Communications, Creative Arts, Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts.

The class: JPNS1210 / JPNS2010 (co-taught units) Japanese Studies 3: An opportunity to observe a 2-hour tutorial on campus.The 2-hour tutorial is one of the two classes offered to intermediate learners of Japanese language. It is an implementation of a flipped-classroom model together with Team-Based Learning (TBL) practice. The students are expected to study independently before they attend the class through a variety of self-paced online learning resources such as mini-lecture recordings, course notes, short quizzes, kanji practice sheets, etc. In the classroom, the students are encouraged to participate in a pre-allocated group to complete various collaborative activities focusing on clarifying linguistic key concepts and contextualising grammatical knowledge through application. The ultimate aim of the class is to foster more autonomous and independent learners, while promoting discovery and deep learning through an innovative model that is different from the traditional language classroom

Before the class: Once you have registered to observe a class, please contact Chavalin directly prior to the class so that she can give a brief introduction to the self-paced online learning resources in iLearn webpage and share the expectation about class participation. Download the observation Reflection Sheet and read the JPNS1210 Unit Guide.

During the class: The observer(s) will be asked to introduce themselves as a visitor. We ask that they remain on mute during the class discussion.Consider the prompts on this guided Reflection Sheet as you observe the class. Chavalin has indicated that she would like to receive feedback on the implementation of this new model in language learning

After the class: If you would like to arrange an informal chat with Chavalin after the class as an opportunity to ask any questions about the class and to reflect on your experience, please email Chavalin directly (chavalin.svetanant@mq.edu.au).

Open for Observation program information and FAQ’s

Questions: Contact professional.learning@mq.edu.au


Bookings are closed for this event.

Posted by Kylie Coaldrake

Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator, Office of PVC (Education)