3 July, 2018
10:00 am - 11:00 am

25a Wally’s Walk, Room 109

The Learning Innovation Hub is introducing a new easy-to-use reporting tool to more effectively manage your iLearn unit. iLearn Insights can assist Unit Convenors to:

  • Quickly digest a snapshot of activity in their unit with reduced number of clicks
  • Determine marking workload and progress
  • Track student performance
  • Identify students that are not engaging and may be falling behind
  • Visualise student engagement in activities eg forums and quizzes
  • Chart the timing and spread of assessment tasks

In this session you’ll see a demonstration of iLearn Insights and have a chance to see how it works in one of your past units, so bring your laptop. We’re also looking for people keen to trial the tool in Session 2, 2018 and provide feedback on its future development.

The session will also be live streamed and recorded here.

Posted by Amanda Parker

Learning Enhancement Manager, PVC L&T