21 June, 2023 - 31 December, 2024
All Day

Explore effective presentation slide design for educators. Guidelines and examples demonstrate how presentation slides can be enhanced for professional, clear and engaged learning in face-to-face and online classes.

In this module, you’ll learn practical techniques to design effective presentations for face to face and online contexts. Self-paced sections include the need for better design, flow and emphasis, use of text and colours for accessibility, images and animation, copyright and the MQ design context.

PowerPoint is a key ‘tool of the trade’ for delivery of classes in person and online at Macquarie University. Poor slide design adversely impacts the ability of the presenter to deliver a clear and informative message and thus the ability of an audience to fully engage with the delivery. This is especially so for audience members who rely heavily on the presentation’s visual component (e.g. because they have an ESL background or are hearing impaired), as well as those with poor eyesight.

Well designed PowerPoint slides portray a professional, polished, accomplished, and authoritative educator, and enhance the student learning experience. In this module you will learn how to improve the visual clarity of your presentation material.

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Posted by Kylie Coaldrake

Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching)