Record a unit introduction

A unit introduction video is a simple and effective way to engage students at the start of the semester. A successful unit introduction

  • introduces students to their unit convenor/s
  • provides a quick overview of the unit themes and contexts
  • outlines the structure of assessments
  • states general rules and expectations
  • is short and succinct

The unit introduction video consists of the convenor/s speaking directly to the camera (in effect, the student). The video will ideally be placed at the top of the content in your iLearn unit.

Steps to a recorded unit introduction

1 – Prepare a summarised script

The introduction video should be no more than 3 minutes. You can script your introduction (400-450 words), however a point summary may work better to reference rather than read from.

2 – Record your video

The simplest way to record your video would be to use your desktop or laptop computer, or your smartphone. Try the techniques outlined in this blog post to increase the production quality of your recording.

Alternatively, you can record your video using a video camera attached to a tripod.

If required, you can edit your footage using free video software such as iMovie or the Windows 10 Photos app. Once exported from this software, you can publish to your unit.

3 – Publish your video

Once your video has been recorded, speak to your faculty learning and teaching team for specific faculty requirements.

A general process would be to upload the video through the iShare platform within iLearn, and then embedding the video in the top section of your unit content.

Top tips

Be personable

Your students want to be able to connect with you as a person, so speak into the camera as if you were talking to a single student or a small group of students.

Be enthusiastic

As a convenor, you know your content and are confident in teaching it. Convey your enthusiasm for your subject matter, so your students will be enthusiastic about it too.

Consider recording audio instead of video

A simple introduction using audio can still provide value for students. Combine a short audio recording with a picture of yourself on iLearn to engage with your students. Audio is also less complicated to edit than video.