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Photo of Mariella Mitch Sherman

Academic Integrity Workshops

With the launch of the new Academic Integrity Policy, each faculty is running workshops introducing the policy and its application.

/ 11 April, 2018
Green Screen Recording in LIH Studio - Photo by Mike Catabay for LIH

Polished and Professional –
Make Use Of MQ’s Recording Studios

Take a 360° tour of 3 purpose built recording studios and spaces to help create educational media, desktop capture recordings and more.

/ 11 April, 2018
Austin Neill, unsplash

Punk Rock Inspired Teaching Philosophy

MUIC is currently planning a curriculum redesign project and the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) are supporting them in this process. We asked MUIC staff to write their individual teaching philosophies. I invited Dr Can Yalcinkaya, Diploma Senior Teacher, to share...

/ 5 April, 2018

Do You Teach With Objects? – Maximise The Learning Potential Of The Macquarie Collection

The Collection Resource Mapping L&T Project would like to hear from interested parties to work on object based learning solutions using sources from the Australian History Museum and Museum of Ancient Culture.

/ 5 April, 2018
Kate Lloyd holding model body parts

A New Way To Hand-le Reflection 😃

Consider using the ‘body parts’ exercise for reflection – allowing students to see an experience from a different perspective.

/ 4 April, 2018
person in bed with laptop

Early Markers of Wellbeing Imbalance Amongst PhD Candidates

Look out for these warning signs in PhD candidates and check out the new wellbeing unit for staff, CareWise.

/ 4 April, 2018
4 images, each demonstrating different colour seeing conditions

Don’t Forget About Students With Colour Blindness

What's it like to have a form of colour blindness and what can educators and L&T support staff do to support students affected by colour blindness?

/ 29 March, 2018
Train tracks

Train Station Closure –
It’s Time To Prepare

With the train station set to close later this year, now is the time to plan, prepare and familiarise yourselves with available tools and approaches to best navigate the change.

/ 27 March, 2018
colleagues talking

Peer Review of Teaching and Curriculum Community of Practice

The Peer Review Community of Practice (PR CoP) recently discussed practices, methods and activities that fit under the umbrella of 'peer review'.

/ 26 March, 2018